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Are you aware about these Psychological Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorder are no longer mystery now. Importance of proper eight hours sleep has been evaluated by scientists too. Sleep has various positive effects to offer. It reduces stress level in people and provides rest to the tired body and mind. However some people are not so lucky to get enough sleep and they suffer from sleep disorders. These can be described as psychological sleep disorder that develops because of various psychological illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Bipolar disorder one of the most dangerous types of mental illness as rate of suicide is greater in bipolar disorder. It is because of the various and strange mood swings experienced by the sufferer. Mood changes happen at given time and they are the most unpredictable ones. Severity and continuation period vary from one to another. There is no cure for bipolar disorder however this can be managed to fairer extent.

The second most common disorder is the depression which is defined as the extended sadness to that level where it interferes in the routine work of an individual. Like bipolar disorder, depression signs and treatment options vary from patient to patient. Basically treatment is the combination of medication and psychotherapy. Alternative remedies for depression include working out, nutritious meal and herbs. Some also go for nutritional supplement to replenish the loss and also to improve mood.

Last one in the list is schizophrenia which is indicated by the ego issues and personality agitation which affects personal and professional life of the sufferer. This can be treated with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy. Mental disorders affect the body too. They cause several physical signs such as back pain, sleep issues and indigestion etc affecting quality of life. However these signs can be treated with modvigil nootropic drug available online.


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